Paranormal Trends Defined

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Confused? Perhaps we can clear things up!

Romance has a TON of sub-genres, and those sub-genres divide in sub-sub-genres…but paranormal romance has – by far – the most!

We (AJ & Arial) have fallen in love with three of those sub-genres that are a little less about romance and more about mystery and mayhem, so those are the sub-genres we’re going to chat about in this article. And some mistake them for Paranormal Romance (PNR) or even Urban Fantasy (UF).

The sub-genres we’re writing together as a team are…

Psychic Mystery Romance (PMR), Paranormal Women’s Fiction (PWF), and Para-Cozy Mysteries (para-cozies).

But first, let’s touch upon…

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Chapter One

He burst through the front door. Wood rattled in the frame as he slammed and locked it before marching to the living room window.

Dawn peeked through the trees over the mountains, and he wrenched closed the heavy drapes. At the fireplace, he crammed twisted newspapers under the logs already stacked on the grate.

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