AJ Nuest & Arial Burnz solemnly swear they are up to no good!

Mystical Press, LLC is a boutique publisher consisting of two best friends who love to write books and discovered they love writing them together even more!

AJ Nuest and Arial Burnz – sisters from another mister, best friends, editors and now co-authors. They met in a Yahoo! Group for authors when AJ posted a cry for help with a technical issue and Arial answered the call (she’s a bit of a computer geek). The two women got on the phone and immediately found a kindred spirit in each other. They have been calling each other almost daily ever since. Though friends for over ten years, they have only met each other in person thrice.

AJ Nuest resides in Northwest Indiana with her loving husband, two beautiful children, and a bevy of spoiled pets.

Arial Burnz resides in Southern California with her romance-novel-hero husband and their Lab-mix Zeddicus Drool Zorander…Zedd for short.

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