Advertise with Us!

Mystical Press Publishing offers affordable advertising for small press/independent publishers and independent/self-published authors, as well as vendors offering products related to the subject matter of our magazines. Our ads are geared to serve our READERS. Though we will deal with each ad on a case-by-case basis, here are some guidelines as to the ads we WILL and WILL NOT publish in our magazines:

Appropriate Ad Examples:

  • An author or publisher advertising a book. However, the book must relate to the magazine (e.g., horror books should advertise in The Grim Reader, historical paranormal romance in Romance Through Time or Seduced After Dark, etc.)
  • A publisher submits an ad for their company. However, books in the ad should match the content of the magazine (e.g., a collage of various horror novels in The Grim Reader magazine)
  • A vendor providing related services that would interest READERS and match the magazine (e.g., Gothic jewelry in our Seduced After Dark paranormal romance magazine, Renaissance Faire in the Romance Through Time magazine, sex toys in our erotica magazine, e-reader covers or cases will fit for any of the magazines, etc.)

Inappropriate Ad Examples:

  • Books that are not related to the magazine submitted to (e.g., A non-fiction book on how to self-publish in our fiction magazine, a cookbook in our horror magazine…unless it has a horror theme, etc.)
  • Self-publishing services, print cartridge recycling, work-from-home business opportunities, anything not related to reading OR the subject matter of the magazine.

Event Advertising Opportunities

Romance Novel Convention Giveaways

Mystical Press Publishing will have a vendor table at the upcoming Romance Novel Convention in Las Vegas (August 7-11, 2013). If you are unable to attend the conference, but would like to submit your swag items or books to us, we will use these items to create various gift baskets and table items for giveaways. Click here for more details.