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We do! From cover design for eBook and print to website ads and headers and even bookmarks and postcards (see form below).

Be sure to visit our Graphics Portfolio to see samples of previous work or view our Pre-made Book Covers if you’d like to see what we have in stock. All graphic art is created by award-winning cover artist Arial Burnz (RONE Award 2013 for best paranormal cover), who has been a graphic artist for over ten years. Her experience ranges from web graphics (e.g., blog and website banners, social media wallpapers and ad banners, etc.) to book covers for eBooks and print for self-published authors as well as The Wild Rose Press, Inc. She also does matching social media backgrounds, cover images, ads and other web graphics incorporating your covers. View our Graphics Portfolio for samples.

Graphic Design Rates

Each job you are ordering should have an estimated/average number of hours it takes to complete a job with a flat fee. This fee includes design time, consultation and minor changes for final design. Mock images of the design will be created with lower resolution graphics and watermarks for review purposes. Final images will NOT have watermarks and better quality/higher resolution. Any time spent over the original estimate due to do changes or redesign will be charged at $25 per hour. NO charges or work will be incurred without prior approval of both parties.

A Note About Stock Images

Any stock images used in artwork (usually no more than 5 images) are charged at $5 each and Arial uses as her image house. As such, if you wish to select your own images, please browse their site and send her the links. Any images you wish to purchase outside of this image house may incur additional/higher expenses due to the higher rates. Please coordinate with her. Please DO NOT purchase any images on your own. Due to copyright and legal issues, Arial must purchase the stock images, otherwise she cannot guarantee the license purchased.

Print Job Suggestions

For print jobs, Arial recommends They are affordable and have ready-made templates for any printing they do on their site. Just visit their site, pick the template you’d like and provide the link of the template to Arial. She will then provide the final file version you need to submit to for your order. Arial ONLY does graphics. She does not order items through Ordering print jobs is between you and whatever vendor you select for the print work. If you have already chosen a print house to do the job, please ask them for a Photoshop, PDF or JPG template OR get the exact dimensions and bleed information. Alternatively, you can have them contact Arial to coordinate the requirements.

Print Graphics Request Form

Print jobs vary in size, shape and content, front and back, color or black and white. As such, each job will have to get a quote. Please submit the form below and Arial will contact you to determine the work going into the project and then provide a quote. Thank you!

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