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The images in the above graphics portfolio were created by Arial Burnz for her own novels as well as freelance projects for individual clients and publishers. Arial uses Adobe Photoshop to create photo collage covers and artwork. Below is an sample of her talent in blending photos together in an effort to work with the limitations of stock photos.

photo_collage_blending The cover art request specified the heroine was East Indian and the hero was Caucasian with “movie-star” looks. He also had dark hair and dark eyes. AND they were doctors. If you’ve ever seen the stock images available out there, this was a pretty tall order and required “Frankenstein-ing” the couple together. With a few color alterations to her skin and his hair and eyes…voila! (By the way…it’s amazing how eye color can completely change the appearance of someone…no?) For the record, I use for most of my stock images.