Historical Romance


Romance Through Time - Sample coverWelcome, Readers, to Our Historical Romance Magazine!

Lovers of Historical Romance are frequently lovers of history. This e-zine is filled with articles covering the delightful details of the world gone by. Courtship customs of the Victorian Era, household duties of the Medieval wife, evolution of undergarments, how wattle and daub homes were built, Regency punch recipes…and so much more. And every single article introduces readers to a new author or a new novel, as each article is related to the featured piece of fiction. Articles will be segregated into the following approximate time periods:

  • Ancient History (?? – 450 A.D)
  • Dark Ages through Renaissance (450 A.D. – 1500s/16th Century)
  • The Restoration through Colonial (1600s/17th Century – 1700s/18th Century)
  • Georgian, Regency and Victorian (1714 – 1901)
  • Edwardian and Mid 20th Century (1910s – 1950s)
  • Fantasy, Paranormal, Steampunk & Erotic – Stories MUST be in an historical setting or resemble historical settings (e.g., a romantic story with vampires set in the early 1500s; a fantasy romance on another planet or in the future, but is very Medieval in customs, cultures and technology).

Novels or novellas featured in this magazine are stories with an historical setting and are either romance or have strong romantic elements. We hope you enjoy exploring the everyday life of historical people and learn something new.

History Buffs…Want to Help??

We will do our best to ensure historical information provided through submitted articles is fairly accurate and true. However, we have a limited volunteer staff to do fact checking. If you consider yourself a history buff, we could use your help! We gladly accept corrections to inaccuracies printed if done positively and with encouragement and we will print corrections in future publications. If you give us permission, we will be happy to give you credit and site the source you provided. You could be famous!

Are You an Author?

If you’re an author that is independently or self-published, we encourage you to visit our Submission Guidelines page for details on what kind of articles we’re looking for our publications.