Coming Soon – Horror Magazine!

Lovers of Horror are usually lovers of the macabre!  This e-zine is filled with articles covering the gory details of death, the supernatural and things that go bump in the night. What transpires in the mind of a killer, the origin of curses, the truth behind legends and myth, unexplained happenings of the spirit world…and so much more. And every single article introduces readers to a new author or a new novel, as each article is related to the featured piece of fiction. Articles will be segregated into the following horror categories:

  • Serial Killers and Slashers
  • Traditional Monsters (e.g., vampires, werewolves, zombies, etc.)
  • Hauntings and the Spirit World
  • Heaven & Hell (e.g., demons, end of days, possession and exorcism, etc.)
  • Curses, Magic & Voodoo
  • Legends, Myths and Lore

Novels or novellas featured in this magazine are contemporary or historic, psychological to gory. If it’s horror, we want to cover it. We hope you enjoy exploring the behind-the-scenes treasure trove of information and learn something new.

Horror Experts…Want to Help??

We will do our best to ensure information provided through submitted articles is fairly accurate and true. However, we have a limited volunteer staff to do fact checking. If you consider yourself a master of macabre in any of the categories discussed, we could use your help! We gladly accept corrections to inaccuracies printed if done positively and with encouragement and we will print corrections in future publications. If you give us permission, we will be happy to give you credit and site the source you provided. You could be famous!

Are You an Author?

If you’re an author that is independently or self-published, we encourage you to visit our Submission Guidelines page for details on what kind of articles we’re looking for our publications.