Privacy Policy

Hello! Thanks for visiting our Privacy Policy page. No legalese here. Just a plain, simple, easy-to-understand policy, letting you know what we do with your information and how safe it is with us.

Who is “We”?

Mystical Press, LLC is a limited liability company co-owned by Arial Burnz and AJ Nuest. We are two authors who are best friends and have been editing each other’s books for years. We also discovered we have a lot more fun writing books together, so we created Mystical Press so we could publish our books together. So “We” is AJ & Arial.

How We Gather Information

We build our mailing lists in two major ways – giveaways and people who join via our reader club signups. Readers can sign up via the three following links:

Giveaways are usually run from this website or our own websites (AJ Nuest or Arial Burnz). If you join one of our giveaways, you’ll also be joining our mailing lists/newsletters. Being 100% honest and transparent, we hold giveaways to help build our fan base and try to offer prizes that are reader-oriented – promotional goodies, signed paperback or eBook copies – you know…stuff readers like. It is our hope that those joining the giveaways are also showing an interest in our books and not ONLY signing up for free stuff.

Our Policy on Entering Our Contests

With that being said, don’t be ticked off at us because you start getting emails from us if you didn’t want to receive them in the first place. Our giveaways clearly states you are joining our mailing lists when you sign up, so the messages we’re sending to you are not SPAM.

SPAM is defined as “irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients.”

Our giveaways are about books and reading, and the emails we send are about books, characters, stories, reading, etc., which means they are not irrelevant or inappropriate. If we start sending you emails to sell you male member enlargement pills, then you can mark our messages as SPAM. Otherwise, just unsubscribe.  Actually, if you don’t want to be on our mailing lists, then just don’t join the giveaways. It’s a simple as that.

However, joining our mailing lists affords you free short stories, flash fiction, graphics for your computer and smartphones, which have themes related to our books, and notifications of members-only gifts, giveaways, events and, of course, news and teasers about our books – already published and new releases. The newsletter is a lot of fun to be a part of. So don’t knock it right away. Sit back and enjoy the freebies!

Our Policy on Your Privacy

Your information is important to us! We WILL NOT sell it to anyone else, nor will we give your information away to anyone unless. We DO NOT and WILL NOT sell mailing lists to anyone or any organization for the purposes of promoting non-book-related messages. Tear off our fingernails, we still won’t do it! We won’t!

We will share with you sales and giveaways from our fellow authors and will frequently have invitations for you to sign up for their lists. But our author pals will never get your email address or personal information directly from us without your permission OR unless we clearly state in the giveaways that are collecting email addresses for participating authors. If you don’t see a message stating we’re sharing list information, your email address is only going to us (AJ & Arial & Mystical Press, our company). We will use your personal information only to contact you about us and our books and such related items mentioned above (except the male member enlargement pills – we won’t contact you about those). Remember, you are free to unsubscribe at any time.

If you think we need to add something to this policy page OR if you have any questions, please use the social media links to contact us.

Thank you!

AJ Nuest & Arial Burnz
Co-Owners of Mystical Press, LLC